Donald Trump: Time to recognize a nut has been elected to the Presidency

Real Estate Mogul, Donald Trump, Zenith’s George Babbitt Run Amok, Today:

Let’s get ready.  There is real trouble here.  America has made a terrible mistake.  In our angst about the way history is unfolding with fear for ourselves and the rest of the world, we have elected Donald Trump.  Who is he?  Who is he? Nothing great, except he wants to take the United States into a World War III, the last war?

What are YOU going to DO? What are WE going to DO? 


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Trump disturbs foreign relations,

A call from a person who was not to get through, a person representing a country(?), Taiwan, we have not had a phone call with them for a long time. In delicate foreign relations spanning decades, telephone calls are meant to occur with some notice. Here, no notice, just a call for whatever reason. We, all of us other than Trump and the Trumpsters, are bemused. We are also curious, how do such things work? Something will be learned.
I hope it will not be too late before we all put it together.

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President – Elect Trump

Not much good can be expected from a Donald Trump presidency.  I have given up on him.  I wanted him to become different from what I saw of him during the early stages the presidential primaries.  I had hope, and because of my hope, I kept giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Mr. Trump has not changed.  He is what I was concerned, he might be:  A man whose profession is that of the “con.”  He is a con-man; that’s what he is.  There will not be any change, no transforming moment, no repentance and self-limitation.


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Leonard Cohen, So long Marianne

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Leonard Cohen, RIP





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The “Red” Counties

People think of the people living in the “red” counties as being this or that.  We do not know the people who are our neighbors, friends and participants, living in a certain place and time.  The red counties run across the state from Idaho to the east line of King County at Puget Sound, a great blue county.  We think of red and blue counties in simple and simplistic terms.  The counties are not mono-drones of thoughtless, fearful, single minded people.  Things are not so simple.  If there is some sort of dividing line between the minds of people in red counties and people in blue counties it can not be seen.  Red and blue run through the souls of each inhabitant of each red and each blue county.  The numbers on one side or the other are not that great.  We are all the same, we are distressed and reach to right and left and left and right for some solace, some way toward a hopeful future.  It is not to be had.  Red and Blue we are in the same boat. Our country is at a turning point.

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Pres. Elect Donald Trump

We are in a troubling time.  The soul of the country is in pain.  We need to understand our  home, a home of immigrants and original people.  We need to understand our “home land”  anew and with reverence. We share faith in a fundamental truth  – all men and women are created equal and with inalienable rights.

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