Trump must be in the center of attention, always. Winning means being the center of attention. To keep his show on the road he has to bring people to him who hold him up no matter what he says or does. (Think of The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer. (As I think I have said before, President Trump is a nihilist — his is the judgment of power, not reason or morals. For now, Trump is doing what every hopeful millennialist would do to gain power. There is danger.

Trump: President, Professional Self-Promoter, Real Estate Developer, and Salesman

Trump, as President, knows exactly what he is doing. America is witnessing a very clever fellow. His grand plan is to consolidate power to himself. With that power he is sure to gain more power, power from his people and those who sympathize with the plan, want something for themselves. At the moment all think he is losing himself by denigrating Senator Mitch McConnell, in a play to gain the Senate, and Paul Ryan in a similar play to gain the House of Representatives. He is not, he is betting he can bring them to heal. He is in control of his world, his self-promotion. And, now comes the critical point for us, the electorate, the people, from the billionaires to the hoi polloi, the common people, all common people of whatever sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion or disability. Each one unique and of worth due understanding and compassion, justice.

Trump — how to play people for your own purposes

Trump brags when making hurricane response of his cleverness in being aware of news ratings by announcing the pardon of the Sheriff Arpaio. That is a bit crude. However, I think bringing up Arpaio was a way to play to a large number of people for purposes of gaining more power. He is doing what he does because in his world, he knows how power can be created and gathered. Trump also went off on a tear on the goodness of having relations with Russia. Does Trump seek to become one of Putin’s oligarchs? That is a bit much, but there is a sign of something there, some sort of special relation between the two. That is my perception.

Steve Bannon: Nihilist

Steve Bannon is gone from the White House.  He is back at Breitbart.  That is good.  Now the sides will become clear.  Bannon and Breitbart desire to reawaken a civil war in America.  The desire is to turn America into a country which hates a large segment of its citizenry and hates the rest of the world under the banner of economic nationalism. Bannon is a putz.  Trump is also a putz.

The sooner the lines are drawn, the better.  I am betting America will overcome this evil in our midst.

Trump Is Building His Base

Trump is in West Virginia, is in Ohio, is out building his base.  He is also building his base when he defends White Supremacists.  The image of Hitler’s Brown Shirts come to mind. Trump is a wrecker.

Steve Bannon wants the Democrats to talk about race.  He says Trump will win in his effort to advance “economic nationalism.”  This suggests a national socialism again like that of Hitler.

Trump is building a movement, a messianic movement.  He is doing what leaders of such movements do to create power for themselves.   What Trump is doing is not unplanned.

His purpose is nihilistic.

Messianic Movements, Trump

So, as a graduate of the University of Denver with a “minor” in International Relations (in the department headed up by Madeline Albright’s father, Josef Korbel), I learned how a person would become the head of his own messianic movement. Yes I did, about 25 of us spent an entire quarter on the topic.  I have never read or failed to read so many books.  The daily conversation and teaching was great!  (The current Trump movement is at a stage of its evolution, the point where the “generals are brought in) – but, not just one in way– this a way unusual, and upon reflection, better than the tanks, bombs and big razor blades falling from many of us. . One way or another.  The way today seems a peaceful one.  Generals Mattis, General Rex Tillerson (he is every bit as much the “general” as the others —  the General of Exon), General McMasters, and General Kelley are tonight being brought together in the mind of the public.


The Generals are going have to be excellent to make the evolution work.


I would rather stay with a government which makes the generals responsible to the government rather than to themselves.

Trump, Reality TV

With the addition of Saramucci, Trump has taken us into a new version of politics.  Reality Internet.  A sophisticated “Reality TV” (or, women’s roller derby, Gorgeous George, Farmer Marlin and Verne Gagne (pro wrestling), Roller Ball) or some other form of commonplace entertainment.  It was entertaining.  And so, The Trump Presidency will entertaining.