The Terrorists of Jihad

The war we are in is a war in which the people who seek to do us harm are seemingly motivated by their religion, Islam.  In the final analysis, however, the reason for their motivation is grounded in something else, something in the psyche of those who are at war with the West, primarily the United States of America.

I would venture to say that the true motivation is not known to the antagonists.  It is hidden in their subconscious.

Were we to look at the enemies of the West in this way we might find the means to bring our present 11-year-old war, really our 11 year defense, to an end.

The terrorists actions are “the mind of man made.”  That is to say,  the outward manifestations of the terrorist proceed from inner sources which they know nothing of.  Could it be the terrorist is motivated by a desire for his or her own destruction.  I think it so.  But that is only a part of the cause of destructive actions toward others.