Dreams of a New Caliphate

The Middle East seems to be a conflagration of large street gangs who are on a rampage of blood lust against one and all. Every group leader and every group member are wrapped up in the religious flag of Islam. No gang is ascendant. History shows that none will ever become ascendant. They all dream of a caliphate. The last caliphate was the Ottoman Empire. Mapping of the Ottoman Empire over time.  It would be easier from a foreign policy standpoint if they would all get together and form a caliphate. Thus, there would be someone to relate to. It is rather hard to keep tabs on all the gangs and their ever shifting leadership. Without a caliphate, the world will experience an ongoing influenza of war, domination, predation of women, and a march back to the dark ages where all of this seemed to be the thing to do. It might be best from a foreign policy standpoint to let the areas where there is an allegiance to Islam work out their own understanding of what it means to be human. There will not be much pleasure in this foreign policy. However, to think America can change any of what is going on is irrational.