America Is Making a Mistake in the Middle East

Obama has made the worst decision possible regarding IS.

 A few thoughts:

 First, how not to conduct a foreign policy or a war policy:  We are in it again because Americans have been killed.  When one goes into a war zone one does not do so as a foreign policy spearhead.  Our foreign policy, especially our war policy, cannot be dictated by isolated individuals who get into harm’s way.  Such is not foreign or war policy at all, not in the least. 

Second, I hear we are just going to use the skies to take us to the battlefield.  We will not be hurt.  However, neither will the representatives of IS Sunni militants.  They will merge into the people, the innocent people.  To get to them, our pilots will have to drop bombs on women, children, and non-combatants.  

Third, we will have to go to the ground.  And, of course, not one damned thing will be accomplished.  Why?  Go to the fourth reason.

Fourth, the Middle East is in a state sectarian violence among Muslims.  The cradle of civilization has been in this state of violence since the beginning of Islam and the death of Mohammed.  Not a thing is going to change.  This chapter in our history, in the long run, will be worse than Viet Nam.  Let the cradle of civilization form a caliphate – it will probably take more than a century.  The Arab sectarian model does not yield itself to shared governance principles.  It is doubtful the Arabs will ever cease fighting amongst themselves. 

What should we do?  The West could do with a large dose of repentance and self-limitation.  See A. Solzhenitsyn.  We need to come home and take care of our own house.  The country is going to rot.  The people are devolving into stupidity and moral and spiritual decay.