Islam is Not the Enemy of the United States

Radical Islam, Islamic Terrorists, ISIS “Caliphate,” Muhammad, Allah – there is a war ostensibly taking place where the “enemy” is one of these or one of something like these. I am not so sure.

If one were to say that the men, the United States and others in the Middle-East are fighting against are Islamism does not ring true. Are they the embodiment of Islam? Are they the physical descendents of Muhammad? Are they a newly risen force made flesh? No, they are not.

What are “they” then? They are nothing special, nothing transcendent. They are only a collection of human beings each expressing destructive instincts. They are like a flock of birds flying to a purpose entirely unknown to the individual bird. They are mere expressions of emotion and instinct. They might say each is joined to the group by devotion to Muhammad or Allah, but this is not so. Each is joined to the group for the selfish instinctual purpose of gaining pleasure from the expression of his physical emotional instinct of death. The group, the “they” is nothing more than a collection of individuals expressing conjoined instincts of death.

As I ponder these matters I think of an exchange of letters by Sigmund Freud and Albert Einstein during the time of World War I, Why War. See Freud’s letter to Einstein dated Freud’s dated Vienna, September 1932.  Here.

The United States is not fighting anything other than a terrorist wave. The individual making up the group is in thrall of destruction, he cannot be telling a “truth” he is fighting for Islam because it simply is not true. It is a rationalization. The individual is just a “true believer” — a fraud.