Jeff Humphrey and His Father NBC Correspondent, Don Harris

Over the years during my public life, I came to know Jeff Humphrey, a reporter in Spokane, Washington for KXLY-TV. I have always held Jeff in high regard. He is an excellent reporter, a professional.

Today, I learned that Jeff Humphrey’s father, Don Harris, was a correspondent for NBC news at the time of his death. He was murdered, on November 18, 1978, by followers of Jim Jones near Jonestown, an agricultural cooperative of the Peoples Temple of San Francisco, in Guyana. Mr. Harris and four others were killed at an airstrip near Jonestown, at Port Kaituma, Guyana. The killings took place prior to the deaths of 909 members at Jonestown and four members at Georgetown, Guyana. In addition to NBC reporter Don Harris, NBC video operator Bob Brown, San Francisco Examiner photographer Greg Robinson, Temple defector Patricia Parks, and California, Congressman Leo Ryan were killed.

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