Trump has made his first mistake,

If I have heard the news correctly today, Trump is going to associate himself with Ann Coulter.  Whenever one associates himself with another, he becomes defined to an extent by the person with whom the association has been made.

A true student of millennial movements would know that associations are not good.  It is better that a practitioner of the millennium seeking arts would stick with himself and would not sully what he is, or has to say, by adding person to himself who is a “marker” vis-a-vis himself.– someone whose association defines him, if only to a small extent.

If Trump were to understand such markers are not good, at least at this stage, he might be able to hold on.  But, and he should know, people want to align themselves with someone who is fresh, who is not defined, except on the terms he expresses as he moves down the political path.

Trump made a mistake today — his first, and maybe his last — when he associated himself with Ann Coulter.  The association is a small matter, but it is something which has a truth to it, a truth he might not wish to associate with.