Brexit – Trump – Clinton: What really may be happening . . . continued –

After the publication of my post Brexit – Trump – Clinton: What really may be happening . . . ,  one of my readers chastised me for including the Freud – Einstein Why War Letters at the end of the post. “Who in their right mind would read such a long-winded letter” the reader said.

Here is my response:

“I think you would know who would read such a letter.  It is full of wisdom and a way of looking at what is truly happening to us.  We think we know what we are doing as human beings.  In reality, what we are doing is an expression of forces within the human psychic which we have little desire to understand and control.  Were we to understand this we would be better able to create a better world; in fact, a much better world.  We live in an illusion we have won over bin Laden.  In fact, the evil of bin Laden has become the basis for our own destruction and the destruction of America and the West.  We have acted on revenge, and the horror of revenge has been redirected on ourselves and our allies in Europe.”

“Bin Laden said he wanted to bring down the West, bring down America.  In response, President W. Bush and his janissaries told us to go shopping.  And, then he told us we should go to war in Iraq to rid ourselves of something.  Our response to bin Laden and its aftermath has brought about the destabilization of the Middle East and is rapidly bringing about an even greater destabilization, the destabilization of the world.  We should have turned our back on bin Laden.  ‘Vengeance is mine, thus sayeth the Lord.'”