Hillary, Trump and George Babbitt, of Zenith, USA

Hillary was good today. She felt at home talking about the economy. She has an understanding of the problem in a way I think I would like to understand the economy.

Trump is exiting the campaign, I think. Today, he talked about what it might be like not being President. It is going to be somewhat sad to watch. Despite his nature, George Babbitt of Zenith in Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis, was a decent sort of person. He was not too far out on a limb. Trump is waayyy out on a limb but he has many redeeming interesting qualities. It is sad. But, he cannot be President, he cannot be George Babbitt of Zenith, jacked up on hoped for fame.

I think he realizes he is not fit for the job. His character is not what the heart and soul of our country is all about. We are trusting, we are strong as a nation, in groups and on our own. The reason we are strong is that we have trust in the individual, and thus, in our own selves.

I think America despite her short comings has a fine and decent idea, tempered by the knowledge of necessity, of what it might be like if we all evolved from barbarity and hidden vestiges of barbarity.