Syria — Trump and Putin

People have complained about President Trump being impetuous when he and his team ordered cruise missiles to strike the air base from which the planes flew to drop sarin bombs on innocent children. Still shaking in my boots, I began to reflect. I came up with this:

Yes, but impetuosity has had its effects, some quite beneficial and others not so much.

I am not convinced the matter will turn out to be a big deal.  An understanding will be reached, conscious or unconscious.  And it will be between people who have played in the same sandbox together – the oil box of the Middle East. I think they are growing weary of the Middle East and are beginning to understand the various wars taking place in the area are the product of clashes of instinctual expressions. The deathly confrontations will continue until everyone is simply worn out.

There is no real answer to problem of the Middle East. Everything is overdetermined, unfathomable. I think of what Sigmund Freud said in his response to Albert Einstein on “Why War.” Why War Correspondence.

The two players, Russia and the United States, will find a way to put the action in a proper place and get on with things.  Beyond that, I think there is a beneficial way much more could happen.  I think of this:  for there to be real world order in our the next 20 – 30 years or so we need at least three major powers, each an actual power, to be the grounds a dialectic which had good chances of producing from time to time,  of a balance of power.

Such balance would work well for some years. Think of the Peace of Westfalia.