Trump is proving himself to be a disaster. He is not capable of being the president. He has personal and emotional flaws, which have become so severe and are becoming more so, that something has to be done.

The 25th Amendment may be invoked. I imagine Vice President Pence will be approached and asked to consider acting under the 25th Amendment. NYT https://www.nytimes.-com/2017/05/16/opinion/25th-amendment-trump.html?_r=0.

This will not happen until VP Pence decides to act. In the process, he will consult with Sec. State Tillerson and General Mattis. There will be others in the White House, that seems assured, but it is too early to speculate about who they may be and why they come forward. I also think this is a delicate matter. President Trump may be in a delusional state from time to time.

It would be best if these were understood to be not something the President should be criticized for. This is an unhealthy situation. It is not something over which one should attempt to pass judgment.