Messianic Movements, Trump

So, as a graduate of the University of Denver with a “minor” in International Relations (in the department headed up by Madeline Albright’s father, Josef Korbel), I learned how a person would become the head of his own messianic movement. Yes I did, about 25 of us spent an entire quarter on the topic.  I have never read or failed to read so many books.  The daily conversation and teaching was great!  (The current Trump movement is at a stage of its evolution, the point where the “generals are brought in) – but, not just one in way– this a way unusual, and upon reflection, better than the tanks, bombs and big razor blades falling from many of us. . One way or another.  The way today seems a peaceful one.  Generals Mattis, General Rex Tillerson (he is every bit as much the “general” as the others —  the General of Exon), General McMasters, and General Kelley are tonight being brought together in the mind of the public.


The Generals are going have to be excellent to make the evolution work.


I would rather stay with a government which makes the generals responsible to the government rather than to themselves.