Trump: President, Professional Self-Promoter, Real Estate Developer, and Salesman

Trump, as President, knows exactly what he is doing. America is witnessing a very clever fellow. His grand plan is to consolidate power to himself. With that power he is sure to gain more power, power from his people and those who sympathize with the plan, want something for themselves. At the moment all think he is losing himself by denigrating Senator Mitch McConnell, in a play to gain the Senate, and Paul Ryan in a similar play to gain the House of Representatives. He is not, he is betting he can bring them to heal. He is in control of his world, his self-promotion. And, now comes the critical point for us, the electorate, the people, from the billionaires to the hoi polloi, the common people, all common people of whatever sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, religion or disability. Each one unique and of worth due understanding and compassion, justice.