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Life, Spokane, November 2014

In Commonweal magazine this month, E.J. Dionne commenting about the last election (November 4, 2014) says.

This year, an estimated 36.3 percent of eligible voters – the lowest turnout since 1942 – gave Republicans their overwhelming victory. Many of the nearly two-thirds of voters who didn’t show up (they happen to be disproportionately young and Latino) had given up on Obama and the Democrats getting anything done.

Why such a low turnout? Dionne ties it to reaction to President Obama.  However, the truth may simply be that “voters . . . had given up . . . getting anything done.” One could readily feel the malaise this fall. What are the causes? What are the antidotes?

This fall we were all affected by the awareness we are vulnerable, cannot not avoid the awareness of mounting world unhappiness and are increasingly perplexed about the troubles to come. We face hard reality.

What can be said? What can be done?

For the time being it may be best to get away from anyone who thinks he/she has an answer.