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Spokane Bluff Park and Qualchan

Spokane South Hill Bluff Park, access road to remove timber cut for development of a small golf course at the Qualchan Golf Course…/bulldozer-contractor-provides-c…/

The road is a temporary access road for the purpose of removing trees felled to make way for the tree removal as part of the project to build a three-hole golf course near The Creek at Qualchan. Parts of it may also be used by Avista to improve the electric transmission lines which need replacement. My investigation shows that there was already an old access road which has been used over many years which the new access road follows. The road will not be a road. But, it could be retained in its undeveloped state but with some improvement to make a handicap accessible access to the Bluff Park area. The temporary access road can be made into a great park improvement.

I do not know Adam Swedberg of Swedberg Logging. He should be complimented for the careful way he made the access road. Good job!

And, to all who read this — Go to the road, walk it. I think you will see what I see, and maybe you too will suggest to the Park Board to use the road for an accessible pathway in the Bluff Park.